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Emily Stoian

Emily Stoian’s tennis adventure began quite by accident when she went with a friend to a one-day tennis camp at her elementary school in Wimberley, Texas. She got in the car that afternoon and told us—her non-tennis playing parents—that she had found her sport! I looked at my daughter’s smile and pledged that day that I would do whatever was necessary to foster her dream.

During the summer of 2018, Emily attended the University of Texas Tennis Camp. Although she had no formal training, and the weather would be harsh, we figured a week in this camp could either strengthen her love for tennis or reveal it as a passing fancy. It was amazing! She flourished in the tennis environment. She loved everything about it—the people, the outfits, but most importantly, she described the feeling of freedom when she was out there hitting that little yellow ball. Even when she fell on the court and roughed up her legs, arms, and face, she would not give up for the day. It was the first time in her young life that we witnessed this level of determination to continue with a sport.


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