Ignite A Dream will be partnering with schools to provide extracurricular activities for student involvement.  These programs will require each student’s dedication and commitment.  Students must follow certain guidelines in which they will be allowed to continue and participate with the extracurricular activities.  If students are unable to follow the guidelines, there will be consequences delivered for their actions enabling them to learn from their mistakes.



  1. Attendance
    1. Students are required to attend each practice and to be punctual. 
    2. If students are unable to attend practice, they must notify their respective coach day before practice.  Notification must be done in person or by phone. 
    3. If students miss more than 5 practices, they will be removed from the program.
  2. Grades
    1. Students must attain a “B” average in all their classes to continue participating in the activity.  If they are unable to do so, they will be removed from the program.
  3. Dress Out
    1. Students will be required to dress out in athletic clothes for each practice.  If they do not dress out, they will not be able to participate and that will count as an absent.
    2. Athletic clothes will consist of an school’s white t-shirt, black athletic shorts, socks, and tennis shoes.
  4. Discipline Issues
    1. Written Referrals: If a student has received more than 5 referrals, he/she will be considered for removal of the program. (Written referrals will be reviewed and taken into consideration from the action of the student’s behavior.)
    2. Suspension: If a student is suspended from school, they will be automatically removed from the program.
    3. Discipline: If the coach is having discipline issues with a student, it will be at the coach’s discretion on determining whether the individual will be removed from the program. (Each issue will be discussed with respective Coach and the Principal of the school)



1.       To give your total effort: (Make the most of what you have!)

2.       To be respectful towards your teammates: (We are working towards achieving the same goals.)

3.       To practice to the best of your ability everyday

4.       To be prompt

5.       To be courteous

6.       To always encourage your teammates


Be signing this form, you acknowledge that you will follow and respect the policies and anyone involved with the extracurricular activities.  If unable to follow these policies, the consequences will be enforced to the full extent.



Student Signature: ____________________________________________      Date: ________________


Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________________      Date: ________________