April 2013

Ignite A Dream

Donor Spotlight: Ignite a Dream

“Ignite a Dream does just that,” said physical education teacher Robert Knipe, “ignite a passion for sport with commitment and persistence.”

In 2009, Carrie Arsenault decided she wanted to create a non-profit organization that would create athletic opportunities for low-income children. Growing up, she played competitive soccer, and she felt that soccer helped her become the successful entrepreneur she is today. She met with other organizations such as Glimmer of Hope and RunTex, and through trial and error developed the Ignite A Dream partnership that exists today with UT Elementary.

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Accountability Resources president still her own woman
Founder and CEO of Ignite A Dream, Carrie Arsenault featured in the Jan edition of NSide magazine honoring Women in Business

carrie_AU40Carrie Arsenault, Founder of Ignite a Dream recognized as a Finalist for the Austin Under 40 Awards.

08-21-09:  Ignite A Dream was featured in the AustinBusinessJournal.  Get the details here.